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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Aluminium performance exhaust for honda xlr125's!

I have been sent a link to a site called which sells performance parts for motorcycles. The link below is the address to the aluminium exhaust for the xlr125 and to order it you take down the reference number for the colour you want and order by phone. As of yet I have no details on how long it takes to arrive in the UK or how much the part is, but if anyone has info on this part please email to the blog address, which is What I can tell you is that its aluminium, which means it wont rust and if the exhausts any good i.e affordable and can be shipped to the UK and road legal it should help with the issue of rusting. Any more info would be helpful. thank Jason Newman (legacy2k) from trial bike forums for sending me the link.

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bala murugan said...

I just put this on my site. I hope it works for technologically challenged old farts! Exhaust Silencers