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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

REDEX and you could have a faster Honda!

I heard that when motorbike engines are ran completely out of fuel they suck up any dirt that sits in the bottom of the fuel tank. This can clog up the petrol jets and carbs giving your Honda a very unhealthy feel when re-filled and ridden again. This happened to me a few months ago with my Honda XLR125 so I stripped down the carb and jet, gave it a good clean out and re-fitted to find it was back to normal(well kind of). A couple of weeks later when i visited my local garage I was talking about it with one of the mechanics and he told me the fuel system still might need cleaning and recommended I try REDEX. This is a red liquid(pictured right) that goes straight into the tank in a small dose which is indicated on the bottle, all you need to do is ride the motorcycle for it to start working. I put some into my Honda's petrol tank and went from the average feeling 50mph to over 65mph and the bike felt like it was pulling more as well. I realised that if I didn't run out of fuel that day I would probably still be riding at 50mph and recommend this stuff to any motorcycle or car enthusiast. Unless you have bought a new bike you never know how clean your fuel system is so its definitely worth giving it a try and you can order it from the Amazon link below!

Buy Redex Fuel System Cleaner x 500ml

Honda xlr125 oil change...a how to !

An engine oil change for your motorcycle is one good way of not only looking after your motorbike but making you and the engine feel allot better. To change the oil on a Honda xlr125r simply position the bike on the side stand( where the motorbike should be leaning to the left) and look for a hexagonal nut at the very bottom of the engine on the side, close to the front. Once you have found that nut make sure you have:
NEW FOUR-STROKE OIL (of correct specification)
Then, place the container underneath where the nut is and start to undo. You shouldn't have to completely take off the bolt for the oil to drain but you might want to clean the little filter that will pop out if you do. Once the engine oil is fully drained from the Honda engine put the nut back on finger tight and start to fill the engine with the new oil, checking the level with the dipstick as you go. If you manage to overfill the engine just loosen off the nut and let a little bit out to satisfy. Last of all tighten nut fully and wipe clean, dispose of the old oil correctly and run bike on tick over for a few minutes. You then simply take your healthy Honda xlr for a very good ride!

Putoline Off Road 4 Stroke Oil 10w/40 4L Motocross

De-restrict my Honda xlr125 to go faster?

I wanted more speed/power from my 2001 Honda xlr125r motorcycle and so I went on a search to see what could be done. I came across a site where owners of Honda xlr's were all asking about de-restriction and if it could be done, saying there is a difference between Japanese models and British models. I looked further into this and apparently on the Japanese models there is a small black box situated under the tank or there abouts with three yellow wires. The owner who wrote this says he put an extra hole in the air box, put a switch on all three wires and played around with different on/off combinations and found his Honda
xlr125 would wheelie in 1st and 2nd gear!?. First make sure you do have a Japanese Honda if
you decide to try this method as there is the same kind of box on the British motorcycle(the bike i own) and after hours in the shed realised with the British motorcycle it doesn't work. If anyone is successful please post your results or even if your not, leave a comment to put this theory right! thanks.

Parts help for the Honda xlr 125/200 motorcycles?

Parts for the Honda xlr 125 motorcycle are hard to come by on the Internet and seem to be scattered around on various sites, most of which are not in English an so are deemed useless anyway! I have tried to gather a list of sites that supply parts worldwide and came up short but none the less the sites I have are still useful. I would recommend and as the most useful motorcycle parts suppliers although the few below are worth trying as well so copy and paste the addresses into the search bar I have provided and good luck! (especially good for motorcycle tuning parts)