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Friday, April 3, 2009

Honda xlr125 and xlr200 parts.

This XL200 is a 92' import and as you can see in the picture its a very nice example. Andy the owner emailed the picture and asked whether the 125 and 200 shared many parts and I think they do, in fact I think they share more than I expected when looking closely. What i'm after now is if any one can help with exactly what parts fit what bike then it could help with finding spares that are not so easy to get hold of i.e being advertised as an xlr125 part but actually fits both bikes or even for the rider that just wants to get it working...using an XLR 125 part on a 200. Like always any help or info is appreciated to improve the blog, email pictures to

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Honda xlr front brake help wanted.

This post is intended to gather information on the front calliper of the xlr125. If anyone knows the name of the calliper and where to find a new one please comment or email me. I have managed to find two sites that stock service kits, brake pads, piston/seal kits and fluid for the xlr 125 but not actual callipers, maybe you can fit a number of different brake callipers to the xlr125 but a direct link to a stockist or company name would be best. The wemoto link is good for sevice kits, seals  and piston service. I put up the braided hoses because they actually do make any bike look trick.  As always, help is appreciated with any other links, advice or info on parts. nick


(for service kits and pattern parts)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Very clean xlr125 with xl400 light cluster.

These pictures of a nice honda xlr125 were sent to me by someone who has used an xl 400 rear light cluster and says it "slots straight on the rear section of the rear fender". Id say it looks pretty nice and if there is any body else who's got modifications on there Honda's  i.e parts from another xlr then please email the pictures and info to

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Honda xlr's predeator exhaust....

Predator stainless steel road silencer assembly for Honda's XLR 125 R...???This xlr exhaust is made to fit the original equipment and is interchangeable with the original front pipe wich is good when it comes to keeping the cost down on this already expensive venture. It comes complete with all required fittings and it would interesting to hear what effects it has on the performance .
A spark eroda is built into silencer and it has manufacturers 10 Year warranty on stainless steel parts from this company. If anyone has one of these exhaust or alike, some further details on where's best to get one from and if there's any available for bigger cc Honda's you can email the info or send any pictures much appreciated, nick.

l'll ad this link to Amazon for the belgom alu, its the best aluminium polish on the market and iv used it for years cleaning my dad stainless exhaust pipes, give it a try and you will notice it just keeps getting off dirt no matter how clean it already looks!

Belgom Alu Aluminium Alloy Polish for Motorcycles/Cars plus Free Polishing Cloth - 250ml bottle