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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Honda xlr's predeator exhaust....

Predator stainless steel road silencer assembly for Honda's XLR 125 R...???This xlr exhaust is made to fit the original equipment and is interchangeable with the original front pipe wich is good when it comes to keeping the cost down on this already expensive venture. It comes complete with all required fittings and it would interesting to hear what effects it has on the performance .
A spark eroda is built into silencer and it has manufacturers 10 Year warranty on stainless steel parts from this company. If anyone has one of these exhaust or alike, some further details on where's best to get one from and if there's any available for bigger cc Honda's you can email the info or send any pictures much appreciated, nick.

l'll ad this link to Amazon for the belgom alu, its the best aluminium polish on the market and iv used it for years cleaning my dad stainless exhaust pipes, give it a try and you will notice it just keeps getting off dirt no matter how clean it already looks!

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