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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Big carb kit for the Honda xlr125 ?

There is a site I recently found which sells big carburetor kits for most bikes including the Honda xlr125. You may spot from the pictures its a mikuni carb-(vm model). As there seems to be a shortage of tuning options for the Honda xlr125 I was quite amazed to see a main component such as a carbouretor become available so easily, although being reasonably expensive, it leaves me thinking if its worth it. If there is anyone who has purchased this carb please leave a post and give us an idea of its performance. I am yet to buy this part but i don't think many owners have heard this upgrade is available. I have left the site address underneath so you can check it out for yourself(i have even got you a google search bar to use at the top of the blog).

wemoto looks good....

I stumbled upon whilst searching for at least something about xlr125's on Google(which is why i started this blog) and found a very simple but satisfying website that delivers pattern parts, and quite a few at that. It does not however stock large parts such as tanks, frames or engine parts, only small parts which are most popular when servicing and changing major parts. All in all they are definitely worth bookmarking and they deliver within a week as well. The site address is (paste this into the google search bar at the top!)